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A Review of the Best Swing Away Heat Press

There is evidence to prove that Swing away heat presses are safer and better than their clamshell counterparts. The heating part of this heat press can be placed far from your body part by simply holding, elevating and twisting the arm against the heating board. Its results are also awesome and consistently so. Want to know the best swing away heat press available in the market? Click here for a review of other types of heat press machines.

Zeny Heat Press Pro 5

The remarkable feature of the Zeny Heat Press Pro 5 is its five-in-one make-up which makes it multi-purpose. So, beautiful and refined graphics can be printed on glasses, textiles, and ceramics using this machine.

The Zeny Heat Press Pro 5 is well suited and economical for business endeavors. This does not, however, mean that it cannot be used for other purposes. If you are a lover of graphics and prints, this machine would come in handy if you would love a few crafts in your home. Speaking of handy, ZENY is literally handy and mobile despite the capacity with which it works. No, you need not worry about its durability. Be sure it will serve you a long while.

It’s 360 degrees rotation swing away design ensures that users of this product do not get burnt with heat because it is maintained in a downward position while at use. The heating element is also covered with Teflon which prevents burns or scorches on garment or surface being printed on.

It has a Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scale that is digitally controlled and very easy to use helping you arrive at your choice temperature. It also has a digital time control and pressure adjustment knob that is very easy to use.

With this, the pressure can be varied based on the diverse material you’ll be transferring onto. Because of this, the machine is permitted a good level of versatility.

With these features, you can easily set the pressures that work for different materials without hurting yourself or scorching the material. Little wonder why ZENY is proven as the best among the rest.