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Get Amazing Coverage and Speed Things Up with the Best Wireless Routers

Get Amazing Coverage and Speed Things Up with the Best Wireless Routers

If you have had a situation where you had to wait longer than necessary to load a webpage, were continuously losing wireless signal or were experiencing intermittent buffering while trying to stream online videos, your router might have a problem meeting your network needs. Especially when there are many devices connected to your network connection. Luckily, having the best wireless routers can give you the best internet use irrespective of the weight on the network. What are the features to look out for? Below are some of the important ones.

  1. Go for a multiple band router

Wi-fi routers are not programmed equally with their signals hence the likelihood of imbalances. Old versions of routers typically work on single band networks that have the 2.4 GHz spectrum. This property limits their coverage area and speed.

If you want to get a new router, go for the ones with dual or triple band capacities. With multi-band capacities, old devices can be retained on the older band version while modern devices can be connected the newer and higher band version giving way for smooth internet experience. More like getting multiple features in on the product.

  1. Go for an AC router at the least

Modern Wi-fi devices come with modern features that are better than those before them. “AC” routers, for example, are a better version of the “B”, “G” and “N” models as they have enhanced features and give better internet experience. Looking to get a new router? Look no further.

AC routers possess a bandwidth spectrum of about 8 x 160 MHz, a far better range compared to the 4 x 40 MHz spectrum of N routers. This means that the bandwidth increase gives room for more data to be transmitted without delays or unnecessary buffering. They are quite expensive but if you need a speedy network, AC routers are your best bet.

Very recent AC routers also possess optimized features lacking in older versions. Check for specifications like Multiple-In-Multiple-Out (MIMO), Gigabit Ethernet ports, Multiple USB 3.0 connectors and beamforming and be sure to find these features in your router before purchasing it.