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Pokémon Go Accounts: Cheats To Face Shadowbanning

Pokémon GO is widely seen to be one of the most popular mobile game, most especially in terms of augmented reality games on Android and iOS devices. Counter players that at some point resorted to buying Pokemon go accounts just so that they can make progress in the game, it is important they are aware of the fact that Niantic, which is the developer of this excellent game has updated the game with new features that aim at shadowbanning any player suspected to cheat.

This move that Niantic made is somewhat different from what is expected from game developers because rather going for the outright ban of cheats, they have employed the shadowban. What this means is that whenever a player is suspected to use a third party cheat while playing Pokémon GO, they will not be allowed to see any rare Pokémon but rather they will be besieged with the standard Pokémon that almost all the players have in excess.

Niantic is making sure that the players are not looking out for a short course around the system that they have put in place, thus they have taken the bold step of not divulging any information about the technology behind the shadowban system.

It is quite understandable that Niantic is not ready to release any form of information about the new technology that they have put in place, as they would end up playing to the hands of the individuals who for their personal gains are in caught up in the activities of using third party software to manipulate the Niantic system.

For the players that are enthusiastic about Pokémon GO, it is not news that one of the most exciting parts of the game is when you are catching rare Pokémon. It is important you are aware of the fact that it will be affected by shadowbanning, there is a very high chance that Android and iOS users will have to take time to consider and uninstall any third party chat software that can pose a threat to their account.

For the fact that shadowbanning will prevent the trainer from seeing rare Pokémon and not having them totally banned, there is the possibility that in a matter of weeks or months they will regain access to the game as soon as they desist from cheating.