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Questions To Ask Before Buying Composite Decking Boards

Most busy homeowners have opted for composite decking boards instead of the extensive deck maintenance due to their inactiveness and lively activities. The boards are efficient and more durable than the cedar. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the sale of composite decks. According to reports, it stated that around $1 billion is spent per year, and by next year the market is expected to grow and increase rapidly.

Facts to know about the Composite Decking Contractor

Whether you are doing the installation yourself or someone else is performing the task, there are some facts that you need to know before buying the composite decking materials:

What type of warranty does it have?

The composite deck comes with warranties within the range of (10-20 year) guarantee on the products to lifetime duration. Find out the terms of the warranty, which includes checking, splintering, and termite damage. You should also discover the kinds of actions, like painting and other tasks that can void the service contract.

How will the deck boards be fastened?

Contractors use fastening tools like nails or screws to attach the deck boards and the framework. This can cause exposure to moisture damage thereby splitting the wood fibers. With extra charges, some contractors can reduce such cost with the incorporation of concealed deck chips to attach the boards to the frame.

Does the decking material have non-skid protection?

Water or mildew can affect the composite decks and enhance the slipperiness. To ensure safety, opt for a brand that features a non-skid finish.

What degree of fading should I expect?

Most composite decks will wane and become lighter as a result of being exposed to sunlight, due to the incorporation of lignin in the wood product. To eliminate this, some makers add UV protection.

How can I get the most life out of my deck?

Due to the numerous varieties of composite decking boards available in the marketplace, it is wise to consult your dealer for unique maintenance guides based on the range of deck you are purchasing.