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Why Do Most Tourist Packages to France Fall Short?

When you check online and compare different travel packages, it’s obvious that there is no shortage of package tours involving France. Either these tours all involve France only, or it’s part of a multi-country package.

There are many fun European grand tours out there, where you start in Britain, and then you go to France, to Spain, and then you work your way up through the continent. Sometimes you end the trip in Berlin, sometimes you end it in Poland or Eastern Europe, or in the case of really big trips, you end it in Moscow. Whatever the case may be, the such two packages are not in short supply; they’re all over the place.  It seems there is no shortage of travel agencies offering such packages. Unfortunately, there’s a sad story accentuating all of this.

There’s a sad lining that unifies all these packages. Most of them fall short; they are either too quick, too hurried, or the whole trip and package centers around the bus. If you’ve ever gone on a bus tour, you know exactly what this is. You get on a bus you check out one site, you walk around for a few minutes, everybody takes their pictures and selfies, everybody goes back to the bus, and then goes to the next spot. It becomes really mechanical. In fact, depending on how you’re being handled during the trip, it becomes very dry and lifeless. Believe us that how the bus centered experience is handled, pretty much either gives life to the trip or sucks the life out of it.

The bottom line is that a lot of people who are veterans of these types of tours, think they’re too shallow, mechanical, and impersonal. To make things worse, a lot of these tourist packages are led by tourist guides that you can tell, just by looking at their eyes and paying attention to how they move and talk, they prefer to be somewhere else. They’re imagining that they’re not talking to these tourists, they’re imagining that they’re at home doing something else. Whatever the case may be, their performance suffers and you don’t get a lively discussion, most just go through the motions, and it’s really too bad because France has so much to offer.

There’s just so many things that you can see, there’s just so much local culture and local life you can be a part of. That’s what should your trip memorable, but you get none of that and most of these tourage packages in France and elsewhere really fall short because of these reasons. Thankfully there is a better alternative.

SCAL Voyages are here for you and we have a better solution. The packages we make available at very affordable rates, are the products of many years of market testing and lived experiences, as well as tremendous compliments given by very happy customers. Do yourself a big favor and get in touch with us; let us show you how awesome France can be.