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Why Should You Visit France?

If you’ve already booked your trip to France, in the land of Napoleon, this is one question you probably have already answered in your mind. Otherwise, this might be an uncomfortable situation because you might be drawing a blank in answering that question. This is one fundamental question people who are looking to travel to this part of the world, need to ask themselves, because if you come up blank, then you might end up wasting a lot of money and wasting your time.

You really can’t go on autopilot. You can’t just think just because your neighbors and friends have been to Paris and you’ve seen them taking selfies from the north of France, all the way to the south of France, and all points in between, that this is the place for you. You have to come up with your own personal reason as to why you’re spending your hard-earned dollars to travel halfway around the world to a place you haven’t been to before.

Here are just some of the most common reasons people give for traveling to France, specifically.

Now, a lot of these reasons can be applied in many other contexts, a lot of these reasons can apply to pretty much any country, but some of these are very particular to France itself.

Reason #1: When You Travel, You Get Out of Your Shell

Make no mistake about it, in the course of a day, it’s very easy to get caught up in your routine. In fact, it’s very easy to think that your identity and your job are one and the same. While the things that we do consistently to earn a living, do give us a sense of identity and a sense of purpose, we should never let that become our identity, otherwise you might be in for a shock when you retire and find that you have nothing else to do. Life might seem all that much more meaningless.

When you travel, you take a break from all of that you get out of your shell, out of your old identity, and you look at the world with a fresh set of eyes. This is very exhilarating, invigorating, and really opens your mind up to all sorts of possibilities out there.

It’s no surprise, a lot of creative people who do creative work, love to travel because it’s an amazing way of recharging their psychological, emotional, mental, and physical batteries. It really is an amazing package. You maximize the value of the trip by coming back refreshed.

Reason #2: You See the World From a New Perspective

When you travel to a place that is very different from your local culture, you get an amazing opportunity to step into those people’s shoes, and look at the world from their perspective.

Now, the answer that you get might not be fully comfortable, it might come out of left field, but in many cases if you’re honest enough, it’s actually needed. It’s a nice therapeutic shock to the system because the more perspective we get, the more grateful we become, and our life is otherwise enriched.

Reason #3: See and Experience French Culture

There are many great representatives of French culture all over the world. We already have all sorts of preconceptions about French culture, but there’s really nothing like seeing it all firsthand. It’s one thing to look at pictures of the Mona Lisa on the Internet, but it’s another experience altogether to be face-to-face with that amazing masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre.

Do yourself a big favor and experience French culture firsthand, because you would know immediately that this is a culture that you can’t just walk through, or read about. It’s something that you eat, something that you smell, something that you touch, it’s something that engages you in so many different levels, and it really is something else. When you experience France, especially through a provincial trip, you really can’t help but feel inspired.